Whilst talking to friends and family can be really helpful, it can also be a relief to talk to someone who is “outside” of your life, who can support you objectively with whatever you have going on at the time. The relationship between therapist and client is crucial and needs to be one of trust.

Therapy is your space, your time

Therapy is a safe and confidential place for you to come and talk about any issues or worries you have. Mostly you will do the talking and I will listen to you, reflecting back and commenting where appropriate. My aim is to help you achieve your goals on your own, in your own time, as you are the only person who can take these steps ... I will, however, be with you on your journey.

I ask clients to commit to 6 sessions initially. We will agree a regular weekly time to meet. Some people get what they are looking for quickly whilst others find that the process of therapy deepens their understanding of themselves and they want to keep going.